GreenFlux 1802 PF Atmosin

Entirely reformulated by our scientists to eliminate Boric Acid, Borax and Cadmium

Keen to follow the current and future REACH legislation and to find answers to environmental constraints applied to our sector, Castolin Eutectic developed a Brazing product range containing no CMR properties (Carcinogen, Mutagen, Reprotoxic). This means no boric acid or borax. The new line is called GreenBraz and is composed of powder fluxes, paste fluxes, brazing pastes and brazing rods.

Industry Examples
  • Food & drink: Processing & storage containers, water & other pipes.
  • Electrical & electronics: Connectors, waveguides, contacts, rotors
  • Precision instruments: Surgical & optical instruments, watches, pressure gauges. Air conditioning & refrigeration: Ducts, valves, heat exchangers.
  • Plumbing & household: Heating & gas pipes, drains, household fittings, furniture, lamps. Arts & crafts: Frames for spectacles, jewellery, musical instruments, objets d'art.
Technical data: 
Activity range: 420 - 820°