1020 F

High-silver content, Cadfree® brazing alloy. Maximum security alloy for all joining and repair work.

Features and benefits

  • Excellent fluidity
  • High tensile strength
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Color match with stainless steel
  • Safe for food and beverage contact
  • Low heat input

Industry Examples
  • Food & drink: Processing & storage containers, water & other pipes.
  • Electrical & electronics: Connectors, waveguides, contacts, rotors
  • Precision instruments: Surgical & optical instruments, watches, pressure gauges. Air conditioning & refrigeration: Ducts, valves, heat exchangers.
  • Plumbing & household: Heating & gas pipes, drains, household fittings, furniture, lamps. Arts & crafts: Frames for spectacles, jewellery, musical instruments.

Taps and fittings, medical instruments, food processing equipment, refrigeration and air conditioning industry. For production joining of ferrous metals plus Cu and Ni alloys, with close fitting joints.
Technical data: 
Silver content57%
Tensile strength400-500 MPa