CastoTig® 3011 DC

Very powerful AC and DC TIG plus Manual Arc capability welding equipment

After years of close collaboration between the R&D department and the Technical Specialists, Castolin Eutectic is proud to present the new 300 Amps TIG power sources made with the latest technology and full digital control. This equipment is even more powerful as well as being precise and lighter! This user-friendly machine will allow your welders (and also less skilled welders) to realize perfect welding in a short period of time.

    Powerful 300 Amps TIG equipment for only 23/27 Kgs
  • Friendly user
  • New Technology with highest precision and efficiency
  • Fully digitally controlled
Technical data: 
Welding amperage range TIG Welding 3-300 A
Welding amperage range MMA Welding 10-300 A
Duty cycles 45% 300 A
Duty cycles 60% 270 A
Duty cycles 100% 230 A
Open circuit voltage 85 V
Power supply 3 x 400 V +/- 15%
Power at primary at 100% 6.1 kVA
Fuse rating 16 A
Protection Index IP 23
Insulation class B
Weight 23 Kg
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 590 x 245 x 450