CastoTig® 1711 DC

Compact, lightweight, and portable

CastoTIG stands for perfect digital welding. The main features and benefits in favour of digital technology are: The closed-loop arc control concept which guaratees outstanding arc stability and perfect arc ignition.
Weighing only 10 kg and 17 kg respectively for the 170 A and 220 A versions, the CastoTIG welding units are light, powerful, handy and easy to use.

Technical data: 
Duty cycle for max. Power at 25°C 50 % (170 A)
Max. current at 100% ED (25°C) 135 A
ED for max. Power at 40°C 32 % (170 A)
Max. current at 100% ED (40°C) 115 A
Operating voltage TIG 10,1 - 16,8 V
voltage MMA 10,3 - 28,6 V
Open Circuit Voltage 93 V
Mains voltage (-20%|+15%)230 V / 50/60 Hz
Protection class IP 23
Cooling classAF
Insulation categoryB
Dimensions (LxWxH) [mm]455 x 180 x 340
Weight9,5 kg
CertificationS, CE