CDP® 3550

Cost effective solution against abrasive and erosive wear

In addition of being the OEM’s favourite product, the CDP 3550 is the most suitable product for customers who need the most cost effective solution. With its Chromium Carbide rich overlay, CDP 3550 effectively fights abrasion and mild erosion from medium to big size particles and withstand low impacts.

  • Offers a better surface protection with its rich chromium carbide wearfacing, at a reasonable price
  • Protects systems against abrasion and low impacts
  • Offers a competitive advantage compared to standard steel solutions
  • Is the OEM preferred choice
Technical data: 
Dimensions 1.500 x 3.000mm (1.220 x 2.740mm coated, 3,34 m2)
Base material mild steel
Type of wearfacing Chromium carbide rich alloy
Hardness of the weld cladded surface 52-56 HRC
Carbide content > 25%
Max operating temperature 250°C