GAP Automated Unit

Castolin Eutectic's Universal Robotic Coating System integrates all components necessary for the overlay welding of round parts.

It is well suited to the Glass Mould industry for baffle and bottom plates. It is also very efficient at welding various forge dies and moulds as well as engine valves. With the 150kg table the machine is capable of handling the smallest parts as well as moderately large ones.

The Universal System incorporates the EuTronic® GAP 3001 Plasma Transferred Arc welding unit. This unit uses the latest technology in plasma welding. With fully programmable gas controls, pilot arc settings, powder delivery and welding current the EuTronic® GAP 3001 can deliver a completely repeatable, precisely engineered weld overlay. The power source is fully integrated with the oscillation and arc length controller to work with the tilting turn table for simple, fast setup of welding parameters. All parameters are programmed using the dedicated controls. There is no programming code to learn, all parameters are set in common welding terms for the optimum in operator friendly set-up and operation.

Technical data: 
Power supply460V 3 phases 60 Hz
Gas supplyAr + AR/H2,
Water supply5 l/min
Welding current220 A
Open circuit voltage80 volts
Dimensions ( L x W x H)1795x750x2500mm