CastoTig® 45301 W

Highly alloyed TIG filler rod for anti-wear protective coating and rebuilding of parts such as high-temperature-steel tools or low alloy- and unalloyed steels

Features and benefits

  • Hardness maintained at high temperatures (~600°C)
  • Good resistance to thermal shocks
  • Deposit does not deform

CastoTig® 45301 W is especially designed for the maintenance, hardening-and-tempering of similar or heterogeneous steel tools, mainly hot working tools and for fabrication from low-alloy or unalloyed steels. For example: hot-working die-forming, trimming tools, pressing tools, blanking punches, die-sinking adjustments, furnace components, planishing die rollers, extrusion dies, hot shears, pressure forming tools.
Technical data: 
Hardness (as deposited):~46 HRC