EutecTrode® 680

Ultimate crack resistance when welding dissimilar steels and alloy steels.

Highly alloyed special manual electrode for joining a broad range of difficult-to-weld metals including special-, austenitic-manganese-, air-hardening and high-carbon steels, and for dissimilar joining.

Features and benefits

  • Outstanding tensile strength
  • Superb crack-resistance
  • High deposition rate
  • Unrivalled deposit characteristics/easily machinable
  • Rapid slag removal, excellent bead appearance
  • Ease of welding in all positions

Applications include joining of cutting blades, forming-, forging and stamping tools, laminating rollers, gears, vibrating screen sieves, hydraulic systems and earthmoving equipment.
Technical data: 
Typical tensile strength120,000 psi
Typical yield strength79,000 psi
Typical hardness (as deposited) 23-31 HRC