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We believe in the circular economy. Don't let waste go to waste.

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Sustainability is our DNA

Wear management solutions

Castolin Eutectic offers tailor-made wear protection solutions for a wide range of components from the recycling industry. At any time, our knowledgeable and helpful engineer service team will be delighted to provide you advice and suggest the best product and application technique. For the unique demands of our customers we divide the recycling industry into the following groups to always create individualized solutions:

  • Ferrous Metalls
  • Non-Ferrous Metalls
  • Glass
  • Plastics
  • Tires & Rubber
  • Textiles
  • E-Scrap

Over the course of 100 years, we have been pioneering sustainability through different welding technologies, challenging ourselves to extend useful life, reduce maintenance costs and increase industrial productivity, thus lowering the CO2 footprint. Always focusing on our deep-rooted belief in sustainable business practices.


Optimize your equipment's performance


Grapples suffer from intense wear due to the harsh environment they work in. Abrasion and impact are their worst enemies.

  • Our proven applications extend the life of the grapples from 4 to 10 times. More efficient grabbing makes the work environment safer.

Maximize your productivity potential


The rotors are responsible for the shredding process. The wear by impact and abrasion creates the need for constant maintenance.

  • Our solutions not only repair the damaged teeth but guarantee a substantial increase of the equipment workload by 2 to 10 times.

Improve your bottom line with us


The constant abrasion of metal against the walls of the chute produces an extreme wear overtime.

  • Reinforcing the chute walls with our CDP wearplate solutions significantly increases the longevity of the equipment.

Enhance your equipment's lifespan


Shredders are faced with the toughest environment of the line due to high impact, high abrasion and very high temperatures.

  • Castolin Eutectic solutions, both curative and preventive, have proved to significantly extend the service life of this critical piece of equipment

Reduce downtime, increase profits


The dust particles produce aggresive wear by erosion in specific parts of the cyclones.

  • The cyclones fitted with our CDP wearplate solutions have shown their effectiveness against erosion increasing the life of the equipment substantially.

Boost your operational efficiency


Every casing in the line, from which drum casings are not exempt, are subject to wear by abrasion and impact. Our applications help extend the life of this vital piece of equipment.

  • Various applications have proven very effective preventing early wear of the equipment. The increase in equipment lifetime exceeded 5 to 6 times.

Preserve your investments with ease


The recycling industry consumes a big deal if pipping. These pipes are exposed to erosion, specially at the corners or elbows.

  • Our CastoTube solutions have shown to be highly efficient in avoiding erosion and extending the life of the equipment.

Keep your machinery running smoothly


Pumps and ventilators are subjected to a great amount of erosion and suffer from severe wear.

  • Our MeCaTec and MeCaWear solutions have been proven effective against corrosion and erosion, extending the pump's lifecycle.

Get more out of your equipment

Tire shredder

In landfills, tyres do not decompose for hundreds of years, occupy a lot of space and also represent a substantial fire risk. Using tyres as a fuel is promising, but transport to incinerators may be too costly. For all these reasons, tyres are often shredded prior to dumping or incineration or for re-use as rubber crumb. Rubber crumb is increasingly applied in roadbuilding -rubber asphalt or ‘whispering’ asphalt - or as a resilient base for running tracks, tennis courts.

Western Rubber Grizzley 80S rebuild with DO327 2018-10-24 08.53.05

Empower your industrial success with our solutions

Wearface Tire Shredder Knives
Western Rubber Grizzley 80S rebuild with DO327 2018-10-24 08.53.05

The customer wanted to replace his multi-wire solution with one hardfacing wire that was capable of a multiple pass build-up of 12 to 20 mm without cracking. Customer’s previous solution included buildup of 7018 and two separate capping wires that cracked when applied in multiple passes. Steel belts in the tires wear into the cracks causing spalling and premature wear. Our EnDOtec DO*327 multiple pass build-up capability and high hardness met the customer’s requirements and provided a single source solution.

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