EutecTrode® 3026N/4026N

Superior high strength alloys for most dissimilar steel applications.

Electrode with a two-phase microstructure which imparts very high resistance to cracking, particularly when diluted. Strike and restrike properties are excellent, and deposits are readily de-slagged. Deposits exhibit smooth regular bead contours free from undercutting which minimizes any post-welding work or machining.

Attaching wear strips , Welding broken leaf springs, Bucket-lip teeth inserts , Scraper blades , Gear tooth hardfacing , Dissimilar steel welding.
Technical data: 
Typical tensile strength120,000 psi
Typical yield strength79,000 psi
Typical elongation (l=5d) min.25%
Typical hardness (as deposited)90 HRB