Our Welding Consumables Products

The following samples from Eutectic's exclusive range of welding, brazing and coating products illustrate a selection of maintenance, repair, joining and fabrication solutions. If your required product is not listed below, please contact us.  

TeroMatec® 5007
High chromium multi-carbide alloy for hardsurfacing components subject to extremely severe abrasive wear and heavy impact up to 300°C
TeroMatec® 5009
Tubular wire for self shielded metal arc hardfacing
TeroMatec® Fine Wires 5022 FW
Premium Open Arc Wearfacing Wire. For impact, High Compression Loading and Combined Abrasion.
TeroMatec® Fine Wires 5256 FW
Premium Open Arc Wearfacing Wire. The New Standard for Combating Abrasion.
TeroMatec® Fine Wires 5306 FW
Small Diameter Flux-Cored Wire Formulated to Combat Both Grinding and Gouging Abrasion as well as Light Impact.
TeroMatec® Fine Wires 5716 FW
Premium Open ArcWearfacing Wire. For Combating Abrasion with Impact
TeroMatec® Fine Wires 56 FW
Premium Open Arc, Wearfacing Wire. For Combating the Most Extreme Forms of Abrasion
 BoroTec 600 Cr- Free
Green Technology Chromium-Free, Flux-Cored, Wearfacing Wire
EutecTrode® XHD 6395N
NanoAlloy® Electrode for Manual Wearfacing Applications
 NanoAlloy 390N
NanoAlloy Metal-Cored Wire for Extreme Abrasion Applications
 NanoAlloy 395N
NanoAlloy Flux-Cored Wire for Wearfacing Applications
EutecTrode® Chamfertrode
Special manual electrodes for chamfering, gouging, and removal of old, worn or cracked metal, plus correction of casting defects
EutecTrode® CutTrode
Special manual electrode for rapid cutting and piercing of most metals, in all positions
EutecTrode® N102 XHD
Manual electrode with superior impact strength and crack resistance on carbon steels.
EutecTrode® 700E
A versatile general purpose hardfacing electrode for both 2-body and 3-body abrasion applications.
EutecTrode® EutecDur 9060N
Manual electrode with optimized properties against combined waer involving hot impact, erosion, cavitation and hot abrasion.
EutecTrode® EutecDur 9080N
Manual electrode for superior impact and thermal shock properties at elevated temperatures, weld deposits work harden for an extended application wear life.
EutecTrode® 2B
A machinable, impact-resistant electrode with high compressive strength. An excellent cushioning alloy.
EutecTrode® Xuper 2800 XHD
A tin bronze alloy with superior weldability with excellent metal-to-metal wear properties.
EutecTrode® 6666
Superior low hydrogen electrode with outstanding weldability on AC and DC welders.
EutecTrode® 680
Ultimate crack resistance when welding dissimilar steels and alloy steels.
EutecTrode® CaviTec SMA
Uniquely engineered electrode designed to resist severe cavitation-erosion damage.
EutecTrode® 2101
Electrode for use on a wide range of aluminum casting alloys…good rebuild properties.
EutecTrode® Xuper 2240
Electrode for welding ductile & nodular iron castings where machinability is important.
EutecTrode® AbraTec 6710 XHD
Multi-carbide hardfacing electrode resistant to particulate abrasion.
EutecTrode® Abratec 6715 XHD
Multi-carbide hardfacing electrode resistant to high temperature abrasion.
EutecTrode® 6800
Manual electrode for corrosion and oxidation resistance and thermal shock applications.
EutecTrode® Xuper 6868 XHD
Ultra fast high deposition electrode for joining and for cushion layers.
EutecTrode® 27
Non-machinable electrode for contaminated and porous cast iron. Use as a buffering layer before using other electrodes.
EutecTrode® 244
For welding contaminated oil-soaked castings and for joining cast iron to steel, excellent machinability.