Our Cold Spray Powders Products

The following samples from Eutectic's exclusive range of welding, brazing and coating products illustrate a selection of maintenance, repair, joining and fabrication solutions. If your required product is not listed below, please contact us.  

Eutectic 13017
Ni-Cr-B-Si-Fe-Cu-Mo-C Nickel base fusible powder with enhanced resistance to corrosion.
Eutectic 13495
Ni-Cr-B-Si-Fe-C optimal combination of hardness and wear resistance with reduced tendancy for cracking.
Eutectic 13496
Ni-Cr-B-Si-Fe-C optimal combination of high hardness and wear resistance coupled with a low coefficient of friction.
Eutectic 53606
Self-fluxing, nickel-base, highly alloyed powder for spray and fuse.
ProXon® 21021
Suitable for coating large surfaces and for thick or thin coatings
ProXon® 21022
Ni-Al-Mo-Cr-B-Si alloy, additions of chromium, boron and silicon to enhance machinability and service temperature.
ProXon® 21023
No deformation or structural change in base metal. Easily machinable deposit
ProXon® 21031
Resists high-temperature corrosion, low coefficient of friction
ProXon® 21032S
Ni-Mo-Fe-Ti-Si-W alloy, nickel-base alloy offering the best combination of resistance to oxidation and corrosion.
ProXon® 21041
Ni-Cr-Al-Fe-Mo-B-Si alloy, self-bonding, nickel-chromium alloy with additions of boron and silicon to provide enhanced resistance to abrasion and erosion.
ProXon® 21071
Low coefficient of friction. Resists corrosion, even in salt-water
ProXon® 19121
Ni-Al-Mo alloy, nickel alloy one-step powder designed for use with the Rototec 1A torch.
ProXon® 19122
Ni-Al-Mo-Cr-B-Si alloy, additions of chromium, boron, and silicon give improved machinability and increased service temperature.
ProXon® 19132
Ni-Mo-Fe-Ti-Si-W alloy, self-bonding, nickel base alloy powder for use with the Rototec 1A torch.
ProXon® 19132S
Ni-Mo-Fe-Ti-Si-W alloy, coarser version of 19132.
ProXon® 19171
Cu-Al-Fe self-bonding aluminum bronze alloy for soft bearing applications.
MetaCeram® 25010
Al2O3 Aluminum oxide powder produces a hard, dense wear resistant coating suitable at elevated temperatures.
MetaCeram® 25020
Al2O3 +3% TiO2 Aluminum oxide powder produces a hard, dense wear resistant coating suitable at elevated temperatures.
MetaCeram® 25030
Al2O3 + 13% TiO2 Aluminum oxide-titanium dioxide blend that produces coatings with slightly lower resistance to abrasion than 25010 with a better grind finish.
MetaCeram® 25040
TiO2 Titanium dioxide coatings offer the best finish and provide excellent resistance to mild cavitation.
MetaCeram® 25050
Cr2O3 Chromium oxide coatings offer the best resistance to hard particle abrasion and are resistance to most acids.
MetaCeram® 25060
Al2O3 + 40% TiO2 Al oxide and titanium oxide blend that is easier to finish than 25010 and 25030
MetaCeram® 25088
ZrO2 + Al2O3 + SiO2 + TiO2 suitable for use as a thermal barrier coating to resist wetting by molten metals or hard particle abrasion.
UltraBond® 50000
Ni-Al-Mo alloy, used as a bond coat for two-step 29xxx series powders.
Eutectic® 29011
Fe-Cr-Ni-Mo-Si alloy, low carbon, 300 series austenitic stainless steel alloy offering exceleent resistance to a wide range of corrosive media.
Eutectic® 29012
Fe-Cr-Ni alloy, a high chromium martensitic stainless steel with excellent resistance to metal-to-metal wear.
Eutectic® 29021
Ni-Cr-Si-Fe-B alloy, a hard, grindable final coat formulated to reduce bearing seat wear due to severe friction.
Eutectic® 29029
Ni-Al-Mo alloy, similar to Ultrabond 50000, a nickel-base alloy used as a bond coat for two-step 25xxx and 29xxx powders.
Eutectic® 29061
Cu-Al-Fe alloy, aluminum bronze coating with good resistance to fretting wear.
Eutectic® 29077
Fe-C-Ni-Mo alloy, low carbon steel powder used as a cushion layer or for heavy build-ups.