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Whertec Process 

The Reliability Experts Ensure On-Budget, On-Time, Every Time.

When you hire The Reliability Experts, we work to ensure your budget, schedule and long-term requirements are respected. To do this, we follow this nine phase program.

  • Pre-evaluation
  • Inspection Process
  • Recommendations to Customer and Plan Acceptance
  • Welding Repair
  • Weld Inspections
  • Hydrostatic Test
  • Coating Process
  • Provide Customers with QAQC Documentation
  • Customer Acceptance
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Whertec manufacturing

Whertec Manufacturing and OEM Services for Boiler/Industrial Process Equipment

In addition to our new LaserClad Automation™ facility, Whertec engineers and manufactures specialized boiler equipment at our plant in Jacksonville, Florida. As Original Equipment Manufacturers, Whertec has the ability and the credentials to supply world-class equipment, coatings and services to increase the longevity and reliability of boilers and pressurized vessels.

Primary Products Certifications:

  • Pressure Parts – Headers, Water walls, Reheaters, Superheaters, Economizers (including ‘H’ Fin Units)
  • Shop Weld Overlay


  • ASME: “PP”, “S”, and “U” Code Stamps
  • NBIC: “R” Stamp, “NB” Stamp
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Find the Weak Links in Your System Before They Cause an Outage.  

Whertec Industrial Process Equipment Inspections

Make smart maintenance decisions with Boiler Inspection Services. Work with the experts for:

  • Field Services
  • Lab Services
  • Flow Accelerated Corrosion (FAC) Analysis

Extensive Experience  

Boiler Inspection Services

For thousands of inspections, Boiler Inspection Services has provided management with relevant and timely data to understand the root problems associated with boilers and pressurized vessels. We have the tools to identify weak points before they become a forced outage.


Only the highest-caliber technicians

Rigorous Training

Boiler Inspection Services has made a commitment to hire and retain only the highest-caliber technicians. Plus, each technician has undergone an extensive certification regimen to meet the most stringent standards in our industry. With us, you can be guaranteed quality service, integrity and fully code-compliant service.

Proprietary software to capture comprehensive inspection data

Clear Reporting

Boiler Inspection Services provides you with an easy-to-understand reports that detail exactly where your vulnerabilities exist. We monitor and provide quality control documentation for all Whertec services-from protective coatings to welding projects.

Additionally, BIS has developed proprietary software to capture comprehensive inspection data about your project including mapping, coating readings, ultrasonic thickness data and quality control plan (QCP) documents.

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Your On-Site Specialty Welder  

Whertec Field Services for Industrial Process Equipment Repairs & Maintenance

Whertec provides specialty preventative welding and repair and refurbishment of industrial process equipment and specifically pressure vessels, boilers and tanks.

Once our Inspection Services team has completed a diagnosis of specific problems, we will also provide you with affordable options for preventative maintenance. If something needs to be replaced or upgraded, we’re your solution. We offer fast and efficient mechanical repair with an extreme attention to detail and quality control.

When your reputation is on the line...

You want an on-site welding specialist with credentials.
  • Code weld repair specialist on ASME Section VIII pressure vessels
  • Code weld repair specialist on ASME Section I boilers
  • Certified NBIC “R” Stamp to perform work nationwide
  • ASME “S”, “U”, and “PP” stamps
  • Automated weld overlay capabilities for vertical, horizontal and overhead in-site on-site applications
  • Automated blast and coating capabilities for vessels and tanks
  • Turnkey maintenance services
  • Project management, repair and budget forecasts and reports, inspections and scaffolding
  • ASME qualified and certified welders with trained and experienced supervision
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Your Trusted Resource Since 1996

The Reliability Experts for Industrial Process Equipment

Whertec is part of the global Castolin Eutectic Group, specialists in coating and welding, since June 2014.

At Whertec, our reputation depends on our ability to protect and enhance yours. To ensure both, we only employ well-experienced, qualified, and certified experts who work closely with dedicated management teams. Our manpower and equipment can be mobilized anywhere in North America within 24-48 hours. Our industry focus is on power producers, steel manufacturers, paper mills, bio-energy and petrochemical refineries. Whertec has nearly 100 professionals on staff, and we’re constantly adding new talent in order to meet customer demand.

Our established reputation for efficiency and reliability just got stronger with Castolin Eutectic’s product and application expertise.  Together, Whertec and Eutectic offer you the best possible solution for your on-site projects – test the reliability experts with your demanding repair or material conservation projects.

Founded in 1996, Whertec is headquartered in Northeast Florida and services customers throughout the world.

They trust us

Our clients
  • AES Corporation
  • Alabama Power
  • Algoma Steel
  • Allegheny Power
  • American Bituminous
  • Archer Daniels Midlands (ADM) 
  • Arizona Chemical
  • Bunge
  • Clearwater Paper
  • Cogentrix
  • Constellation Energy
  • Covanta Energy
  • CorporationDominion Power 
  • DTE Energy
  • Duke EnergyEpcor Utilities Inc.
  • Evergreen Packaging Inc.
  • Georgia Pacific
  • International Paper
  • Lincoln Pulp & Paper
  • NRG Energy
  • Ontario Power
  • P. H. Glatfelter
  • Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)
  • Packaging Corporation of America (PCA)
  • Piney Creek: L. P.
  • PPL Corporation
  • QIT-Fer et Titane
  • Sappi Fine Paper
  • Smurfit Stone
  • Sonoco
  • Southern Company
  • Tate & Lyle
  • U. S. Steel
  • Weyerhaeuser 
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Whertec is different because of an innovative, customized service.

The Whertec Difference in Industrial Process Equipment Inspection and Maintenance.

Whertec customers count on the reliability and superior performance of our people, our products and our services. Whether we provide services at your site or from our workshop, the commitment to excellence is the same.

You can rely on meticulous project planning, high tech protective coatings, engineering, OEM equipment, management and quality assurance, and quality control inspections. And you will get our best recommendations, options and the benefit of decades of experience every time we’re contracted on a project.

Experience, safety, quality and planning

Whertec brings five competitive advantages to every project
  • A proven track record for improving the reliability of customer process equipment.
  • Safety is a key part of our corporate culture. We’ve invested in safety resources and personnel who direct and implement training and reviews year-round.
  • Whertec is committed to quality and planning before we initiate service. Every project we do has a quality control plan, which includes our quality insurance inspectors, technicians and our customers. Every project has a QCP (quality control plan) warranty.
  • Superior performance of your industrial process equipment – boilers, pressurized vessels, tubes, tanks, and all the rest – is planned and implemented for every project. We engineer each project solution to meet or exceed customer requirements and performance specifications.
  • We are constantly acquiring and inventing new technologies, which are customized to each customer application. Whertec is a leader in the application and testing of metal, ceramic and cermet coatings and we are also certified to apply the Arcmelt™ family of materials. Our testing lab and inspectors work independently throughout the industry and are leaders in Whertec’s research and development efforts internationally.
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