Rolls, Fans & Chutes Repair

Wear Management Solutions

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Rolls Repair

Wear Resistant Coatings for New and Worn Rolls

To increase your rolls service life, Eutectic uses the following superior technologies:

  • Spray and Fuse Process (TeroDyn® and SuperJet®)
  • Cold Spray Process (EuTronic® Arc Spray, TeroDyn® and CastoDyn®)
  • High Velocity Oxy-Fuel Powder Spraying (CastoJet® Kerosene 5)
  • Plasma Tranferred Arc (PTA) (EuTronic® GAP®)
  • Automated Welding with Shielding Gas (EnDOtec®)
  • Automated Open-Arc Welding (TeroMatec®)


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  • Case study: Straightener Rolls, Steel Industry
  • Case study: VRM Crusher Rolls, Cement Industry


World Leader in Advanced Alloy Development Now Offers Turn-Key Solutions

PART: Continuous Caster Straightener Rolls
WEAR PROBLEM: High abrasion at high temperature (2400°F-2600°F) as red hot steel strand moves along the continuous caster strand along the straightener rolls.
TYPICAL SOLUTION: 400 Series Sub Arc Alloys
ADVANCED SOLUTION: Rebuild or fabricate a roll using a double pass of Eutectic’s proprietary EnDOtec® flux cored wire.
RESULTS: EnDOtec maintains high hardness even at high temperatures. This solution is proven to extend roll life up to 8 times.

Extend life, increase productivity and save money

PART: Vertical Roller Mill Crusher Rolls
WEAR PROBLEM: The production of cement often leads to extreme wear from crushing aggregate.
TYPICAL SOLUTION: Roll replacement
ADVANCED SOLUTION: Rebuilding rolls with complex carbide hardfacing wire. Then final pass with a specialized TeroMatec® flux-cored wire.
RESULTS: TeroMatec alloy’s ultra-fine carbides resist combined abrasion, impact and compressive wear. This solution is proven to extend roll life up to 5 times.


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Fans Repair

Protective Coatings for Industrial Fans and Housings

Common enemies of valuable fans and housings include erosion, abrasion, cavitation, corrosion, impact and high temperature. The best solution to extend service life for fans are our CDP® XuperWave® wearplates, offering maximum protection against linear erosive wear and ideal for parts exposed to fine particles at high velocity. CDP® XuperWave® wearplates prevent fine particle tracking at points most susceptible to wear such as the stress cracks and weld bead overlap, reduce wear by up to 30% over conventional weld bead pattern and present a smooth, flat bead profile for easy balancing and overall increased fan performance.

Plates produced with multiple torch heads, will have an uneven surface, illustrated below. Eutectic XuperWave is made using a single torch which produces fl at, even weld beads across the entire plate. This welding process is cooler which minimizes distortion and dilution and maintains the maximum in wear resistant properties of the alloy. Also, smooth, fl at plate is critical to balance and optimal air fl ow which ensures the best possible wear resistance and overall fan performance.


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  • Case study: Fans, Steel and Iron Works
  • Your One Stop Shop


Workshop Case Study

WEAR PROBLEM: Iron and steel works fans suffer from extreme erosive wear caused by fine oxide particles in the steel making process.
PREVIOUS SOLUTION: Fabricate impeller blades of a steel baghouse fan from basic chromium carbide (CrC) plate in 1/4” + 1/4” thickness. The fan lasted 12 months in service.
EUTECTIC SOLUTION: To increase service life, Eutectic recommended fabricating the blades from CDP 4666 XuperWave complex carbide plate in 1/2” total thickness.
RESULTS: Eutectic solution is still in service ater 2 years, with minimal wear.

Your One Stop Shop

  • Broadest product and process range in the industry
  • Worldwide manufacturing to high quality standards
  • Recommendations based on a deep understanding of applied metallurgy
  • Field proven procedures
  • Eutectic Services workshops provide a reliable, cost effective solution


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Chutes Repair

Wear protection of Chutes and Liners

Engineered for Maximum Wear Protection:

  • Wear protection experts design and build chutes and liners to your specification
  • Superior wear plate, expertly placed to resist combinations of wear.
  • Fully equipped workshops with the latest technology
  • Rigid quality control procedures
  • Ready-to-install chutes save you time and money


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  • Rock Box Solution
  • Workshop Case Study


Rock Box Solution

The Rock Box Solution is an exclusive Eutectic design using CDP® wear plates and specified hardfacing alloys on the wear plate edges. The boxes are specially designed to retain material, protecting your equipment against impact and abrasion, resulting in increased service life. Parts can be manufactured according to customer design specifications.

Workshop Case Study

Lime dust causes severe wear on the walls and manhole location of a cement chute. The previous solution was to fabricate the chute from 3/4” (19 mm) thick AR400. The chute lasted 12 months in service. To increase service life, Eutectic recommended fabricating the chute from 3/8” 6 +4 (6mm base + 4mm hardfacing) CDP® 4666 complex carbide wearplate. Based on the G65 abrasion wear test results (shown at the right) CDP® 4666 will last 13 times longer than AR400 (13x/1x).
Expected service life of the chute = CDP® 4666 hardfacing thickness/AR400 thickness X G65 Multiplier X previous service life.
Example: 4/19 X 13 X 12 months = 32 months service life
Eutectic’s Solution is expected to last over 2 years longer than AR400.