Xuper 18 XFC®

Cu-Zn-Ag braze welding alloy for maximum security joints. Ideal for joining of galvanized steel tubes, tubular frames, car bodies, locks, brass plumbing.

This alloy is enhanced with tin to improve the ease of wetting on bronze alloys and particularly when brazing zinc coated sheet stock. Thin flowing and build-up properties impart application versatility with ease of use.

Industry Examples
Window frames in galvanized iron: the joints need a fluid brazing and this can be obtained with 18 because of its silver content. Clock faces in mild steel. Parts of fire guards: reverse joining is less visible. Galvanized steel: water pipes, heating installations for dryers, railings, suction pipes, roofing, ventilation ducts, coating, dustbins, washing baskets, washing machine drums and ice-cream moulds.
Joining galvanized steel tubes , Tubular frames, Car bodies , Locks & brass plumbing
Technical data: 
Bonding temperature 1580°F - 1640°F
Typical tensile shear strength70,000 psi