NanoAlloy 395N

NanoAlloy Flux-Cored Wire for Wearfacing Applications

NanoAlloy 395N leads the newest generation of wear facing products based on the science and engineering of ultra-fine, submicron grain structures. Weld deposits have a high volume fraction of ultra-hard, complex borocarbides distributed in a matrix uniquely balanced between liquid and crystalline phases. Finely dispersed Nano-particles minimize wear of the underlying matrix by maximizing the complex borocarbides exposed at the wearing surface. 395N outperforms chromium and complex carbides by up to 40%! 395N’s wear resistance is equal to that of a 35% tungsten carbide alloy at a lower cost.

Technical data: 
Typical Hardness 1st Pass 67-69 HRC
Typical Hardness 2nd Pass 69-71 HRC