CDP® 112

Contains densely and evenly distributed tungsten carbide particles in a 60 HRC Ni alloy matrix

CDP® 112 is a steel plate (mild or stainless) coated with a layer of NiCrBSi alloy additioned with 35%WC.

The coating is 100% non diluted and retains all its abrasion and erosion resistance properties.

  • No dilution by the base material
  • Smooth surface with low coefficient of friction
  • Easy to handle due to its light weight
  • Easily formable and easy to cut with plasma
  • Base material easy to weld

Industry Examples
Cement - steel - coal fired power plants - wooden panel industry - mines and quarries - glass (raw materials transport and processing, glass recycling) - waste and recycling
Any application requiring extreme resistance to abrasion and erosion up to 700 °C. Its lightweight makes it ideal for coating of industrial ventilator blades.
Technical data: 
Typical hardness60-64 HRC
Plate dimensions31.5" x 47.25"
Weight per sq. ft10.15 lbs
Overlay/Base5/64" on 5/32" (2mm on 4mm)
Thickness1/4" (6.5mm)
Service temperatureApprox. 800-1000°F