Eutectic unveils OTW Hardbanding Product Range at ATCE Exhibition in USA

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Eutectic OilTec is proud to announce its unveiling of the new OTW Hardbanding Product Line.

The OTW Product Line includes:
  • OTW10 SS (Severe Sour Environments)
  • OTW16 XS (Extreme Service)
  • OTW12 Ti (Titanium-Carbide)
  • OTW13 CF (Crack-Free)

The ATCE focuses on all phases of oil & gas exploration and production, attracting attendees from over 50 countries who gather together to share the latest in key industry developments. The OilTec Exhibit displays OTW banners, technical literature, HDTV monitor, along with original product samples from our new OTW Line. Referencing Technical Product Data Sheets (TPDS) during technical sessions, attendees were also given an interactive, hands-on demonstration from our OTW samples, making technical data easier to understand while exhibiting the superior quality our products are made from.

Our customers are very satisfied with the longevity, durability and superior casing friendly properties our OTW products provide. Outperformance is measured not only from a quality and price-point perspective, but through providing peace of mind.


"No matter where in the world our customers may be, or when they need our help, a member of our global team of technical experts can be on-site at a moment’s notice to assist our customers’ needs and ensure the highest degree of quality, guaranteed every time."



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