Our Manual Metal Arc alloys Products

The following samples from Eutectic's exclusive range of welding, brazing and coating products illustrate a selection of maintenance, repair, joining and fabrication solutions. If your required product is not listed below, please contact us.  

EutecTrode® 9708QS
Manual electrode for welding structural steel when impact properties are called for. E7018 1 class.
EutecTrode® Super 110
Super high strength electrode for welding steels under restraint.
EutecTrode® Xuper 66 XHD
Crack resistant electrode with high welder appeal and low moisture pick-up.
EutecTrode® Beautyweld II
All-position welding at low amps, self releasing slag with minimal spatter.
EutecTrode® SteelTectic N
High arc-strength electrode for welding rusty and dirty steels.
EutecTrode® 670E
Use for welding steels when the composition is not known. Heat and corrosion resistant weld deposit.
EutecTrode® Xuper 680 CGS
Superior weldability over a wide range of steels with self releasing slag.
EutecTrode® 3026N/4026N
Superior high strength alloys for most dissimilar steel applications.
EutecTrode® Xuper 646 XHD
Best for cushioning and for joining manganese steel castings.
EutecTrode® Xuper NucleoTec N 2222
Outstanding capacity to join steels not only in dissimilar combinations
EutecTrode® Xuper 2222 XHD
Manual electrode for critically stressed components subject to high temperatures.
EutecTrode® 1851
Manual electrode for use on aluminum bronze alloys and for joining to carbon steels.
EutecTrode® Xuper 1851 XHD
High deposition version of the 1851.
EutecTrode® Xuper 2800 XHD
A tin bronze alloy for steels to cast irons and for metal-to-metal wear.
EutecTrode® 3021/4021
Manual electrodes for welding cast and wrought Al-alloys which contain silicon and/or manganese.
EutecTrode® Xuper 2109
Extruded electrode formulated to weld aluminum alloys containing magnesium.
EutecTrode® StainTrode A
All position electrode for quality welding of grades 321, 347, 304 and 302 stailess steels.
EutecTrode® StainTrode Amol
For elevated temperature creep resistance and for cryogenic applications. Use on grades 316L and 316.
EutecTrode® StainTrode Bmol
Manual electrode for severe corrosion applications and for critical joining of grade 317L and 317.
EutecTrode® StainTrode D
Use when welding stainless steels of unknown composition and grade 310.
EutecTrode® 308L-16
For welding base metals of similar composition such as AISI 301, 302, 304, 304L, 308 and 308L.
EutecTrode® 308L-17
Use for similar application to 308L but with 17 usability classification.
EutecTrode® 308LVD-17
Similar application to 308L but with vertical down welding properties.
EutecTrode® 309L-16
Use for joining AISI 309 and 309L grades and for joining stainless steels to carbon steels.
EutecTrode® 310-16
Use when welding heat resistant AISI 310 grade and for "upgrading" or surfacing low alloy steels.
EutecTrode® 310-17
Similar application areas to 310-16 but with a 17 usability classification.
EutecTrode® 316L-16
Use to weld base metals of similar composition such as AISI 316 and 316L, also grades 316Ti, 329, 410 and 430.
EutecTrode® 316L-17
Similar application areas to 316L-16 but with 17 usability classification.
EutecTrode® 316LVD-17
Similar application to 316L-16 but with vertical down welding properties.
EutecTrode® ExoTrode AC/DC
For both chamfering and cutting operations using either AC or DC.