Total Arc2 3000

Fully digitally controlled inverters for all time reproducible welding results

Features and benefits

  • Pulse and Standard MIG/MAG-welding
  • Up to 91 stored synergic-programs
  • 50 jobs storable
  • TIG lift-arc and MMA-welding included
  • Integrated cooling
  • Remote controllable
  • MIG-up/down-control by torch-button possible
  • Plug and play interfaces for automation and robot-control available
  • Integrated dual-pulse-option
Technical data: 
Welding amperage range 3-270 A
40% Duty cycle amperage270A
60% Duty cycle amperage 210A (270A at 25°C)
100% Duty cycle amperage 170A (210A at 25°C)
Operating voltage14.2-27.5V
Open circuit voltage50V
Power supply3 x 400/50/60Hz
Power at primary (100%) 4.5 kVA/ 100%
Fuse rating 16 AT/400 V
Protection index IP 23
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 940 x 580 x 900
Weight 71 kg