AirJet 1038

Economical, compact and powerful

The AirJet 625 and AirJet 1038 are portable plasma cutting units of the latest inverter generation for cutting with compressed air. Compact size, low weight, low energy consumption at high cutting performance and generator-compatibility are advantages when used in Production, in Assembly and for repair work.

Technical data: 
Mains voltage3 x 400 V ± 15%
Mains fuse32 AT
Cutting current20 - 100 A
Pilot current20 A
Cutting current at 40% *100 A
Cutting current at 60% * 85 A
Cutting current at 100% * 60 A
No-load voltage320 V
Power factor cosφ0,9
Max. cutting thickness (steel) 45 mm
Protection class IP 23
Dimensions (LxBxH) mm640 x 301 x 455
Weight34 kg
Air consumption280 l/min ± 20% at 5.5 bar
Compressed air pressure min.5 bar