Aleación con alto contenido en plata SIN Cadmio para uniones por capilaridad

A high silver-copper-zinc-tin alloy. Formulated for maximum fluidity and wettability on the metals specified. Xuper 1666 XFC is a unique product because its flexible ElasTec coating has an exceptional degree of activity and the cadmium free deposit offers excellent mechanical strength. The specially designed flux coating offers perfect visibility (no glare or fume) and maximum cleansing/ deoxidation properties.

High fluidity, low heat input and a flexible flux coating combine with very good mechanical properties and good visibility of the fusion pool to make this latest silver alloy exceptional. Recommended for use on ferrous metals, stainless steels, copper bearing alloys and nickel bearing alloys. The alloy is especially suitable for the repair and fabrication of ducts and fittings in the food industry.

Datos técnicos: 
Peso en Plata45%
Resistencia a la tracción390-490 MPa