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CarbiBraze: new dedicated solution for Tooling industry

Tags: New Product

Castolin Eutectic launches CarbiBraze, a new low-silver alloy for the tooling industry, with first-class mechanical properties owing to the Nickel and Manganese content. CarbiBraze is cost effective and economical due to the reduced silver content, providing at the same time excellent shear strength.

Its low melting range and the high fluidity ensure good diffusion bonding and lowest possible heat affection of the base material and the hard metal tools.

 In the tooling industry, extreme mechanical resistance for the joints is key, therefore CarbiBraze is the optimal solution for manufacturers of drillbits, saw blades and cutting discs, manufacturers of drilling crowns and more.

New Product

Patented CaviTec alloy reduces maintenance costs in Hydro Power Plants

Tags: New Product

Castolin Eutectic manufactures a patented, proprietary alloy uniquely engineered to resist damage from severe cavitation-erosion in Hydro Power Plants. With the recent launch of XuperArc welding machines, Castolin Eutectic developed a new, dedicated CaviTecTM synergic line for welding in difficult positions.  

The latest software version of our XuperArc equipment comes with the integrated ready-to-use  CaviTec GMA 1,2 mm program created for welding in all positions, overhead included. For on-site jobs, the lightweight XuperArc 3000 welding equipment is recommended, weighing  35 kg without cooling. For workshop welding jobs, Xuper Arc 4000/5000 is the best option. 

New Product

XuperCoat™ for Best-in-Class Mould Wear Resistance and Product Quality in Slab, Bloom and Billet Casting

Tags: New Service

Mould coatings are a crucial part in continuously improving product quality and reducing operating cost in the continuous steel casting process. Monitor Coatings - a UK based Castolin Eutectic company first developed a unique, ceramic composite coating technology, XuperCoat™, which has produced best-in-class results in terms of mould life time, cast product quality and caster operating costs. 30 years of experience are a proven record for this coating type and continuous developments of the technology now allow to the application of such coatings on all types of moulds including bloom and billet tubes.

New Service

Castolin Eutectic equips firefighter trucks in Madrid with plasma cutting machines

Tags: Diverse

Castolin Eutectic, always at the forefront of new technologies, has equipped the firefighter trucks of the Community of Madrid, Spain, with its AirJet 1038 plasma cutting equipment in 2017.


Furnace Mineral Products (FMP), Inc. joins Castolin Eutectic Group

Tags: Event

The Castolin Eutectic Group, a division of MEC Holding GmbH with headquarters in Bad Soden, Germany, announces the acquisition of Furnace Mineral Products (FMP), Inc, on February 1, 2017.  A privately owned corporation based in Toronto, Canada, FMP specializes in the research, development, manufacture and field application of innovative, inorganic-hybrid coatings.


Limitless mobile welding : weld on rooftops, forestry land or mountain summits

Tags: New Product

In January 2017 Castolin Eutectic launches two new last-generation arc welding machines (MMA) across Europe: ACCUmax, the new portable power source running on high capacity lithium-ion battery, and POWERmax 4.0 at 150A, with the POWERmax 1800 alternative at 180A.

New Product

Boiler coatings the size of 5 volleyball courts in Poland

Tags: New Service

Having an excellent corrosion and erosion resistance, the ChromeClad AR coating was chosen to be applied in Poland in one of the biggest boiler coating orders fulfilled so far. The project was divided into two phases. 

New Service

Castolin Eutectic Thailand lands first big sugar mill boiler coating contract

Tags: New Service

Castolin Eutectic Thailand, the youngest company in the Castolin Eutectic family (born in February 2015), has started taking big steps in the service business. In September 2016, the company has landed a major order against stiff competition for consultancy, supply and training on arc spray equipment and consumables for boiler coating. 650 boiler tubes had to be treated in a new boiler at Erawan Sugar Company Ltd, located in Nong Bua Lampu, Thailand, to extend their lifespan.

New Service

Castolin Scandinavia donates to "Save the Children" for Christmas

Tags: Diverse

Merry X-mas, you get nothing! Instead of Christmas presents for customers, Castolin Scandinavia has chosen to make a contribution to "Save the Children", an organisation  offering worldwide assistance to children in difficulty. "Save the Children" is a children rights organization that ensures their rights are respected, provides lifesaving supplies for children caught up in disasters like floods, famine, wars and secures a good quality education.


Safety comes first: new spraying & blasting cabins in Spain

Tags: Diverse

Castolin Eutectic, always ahead in latest technologies, has invested in new spraying and blasting cabins for its workshop in Madrid area, Spain. With dimensions of 10x5x4.5 and made of 100 mm-Rockwool panels, these cabins improve our capacity to perform larger-scale operations and increase their quality. These operations will be carried out under the strictest health and safety measures.


Main features:

• Working area isolated from the exterior operating area, preventing any danger from projectiles, reducing noise and confining dust to improve both internal and external working conditions.

• Reduction of any possible spraying in nearby areas as well as evaporation, and minimization of odours.