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Car body panel

This cast iron die is used for cold drawing of car body panel parts in the automotive industry. Critical die areas are subject to metal-metal friction and these need to be regularly restored to size and form to guarantee accurately drawn parts. After preheating, machinable ductile welds are deposited using EnDOtec DO*23 with low heat input procedures. This rapid welding procedure may be used many times on the same die.

Fix errors if needed

Cast iron die

This cast iron die is used for cold drawing of car body panel parts in the automotive industry. Due to a machining error, a long shallow groove had been produced instead of a positive ridge. After searing the surface with an oxidising flame and wire brushing to remove graphite and oil residues, two layer bonding weld deposits were made with EutecTrode 2-23. This was followed with three layers of EutecTrode 2 and grinding to size.

“Cold” welding cracked or broken automotive engine blocks

Automotive engine blocks
  • Holes to be drilled to determine ends of the crack.
  • Preparation by gouging with ChamferTrode 03/04 or grinding of the cracked zone to be repaired.
  • Backstep weld the groove with dedicated Castolin Eutectic electrodes with immediate peening of each stringer bead after welding. Interpass temperature should be strictly kept at hand temperature (50 C).
  • If a wall section is holed, broken or missing, a thinner low carbon steel patch with rounded corners and edges, may be inserted instead and welded with XHD 2230 using the backstep procedure to repair the hole.
  • The repairs can be made leak-proof by either soldering or application of a MeCaTeC layer.
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Gas-shielded continuous electrode for low-heat-input semi-automatic joining, rebuilding and anti-wear protective coating of cast iron

EutecTrode 27
EutecTrode 27

Non-machinable electrode for contaminated and porous cast iron. Use as a buffering layer before using other electrodes.


Special manual electrodes for chamfering, gouging, and removal of old, worn or cracked metal, plus correction of casting defects