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Our mission is to develop applications and solve customer problems. Since the mid 1930´s, Castolin Eutectic has offered industry a range of specialised training courses, which covers all aspects of the welding processes, e.g. MMA, MIG, TIG, brazing, soldering and thermal spraying.


For welders, engineers or managing directors

Spreading knowledge

Our commitment to excellent customer service means providing first-class training available globally to customers and end-users. Castolin Eutectic has trained thousands of technicians from all over the world and training centres have been established in most countries with training programmes offered in a wide variety of languages. We offer a wide range of courses starting from one-day welding courses to full-week maintenance seminars. From welders to engineers, researchers and managing directors - there´s no limit to the range of technical and professional people trained by Castolin Eutectic in all aspects of industrial cost-savings, wear, repair and preventive maintenance.


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Practice, theory or a mixture

Industrial seminars
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We provide solutions to all of the major companies operating in industry with global industrial programs for steel, cement, mining, power, oil, waste & recycling, etc. Supporting maintenance technicians in their daily challenges is our routine, so training courses in specific industries are also conducted where similar language groups can learn and exchange cost-saving solutions. Depending on your requirements, courses can comprise 100% practice, 100% theory, or a mixture of both, and are available in a written form for several product families and technologies.

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