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In recent years, maintenance departments have been under increasing pressure to not only reduce operating costs but also to increase operational output and efficiency. The maintenance department can therefore play a critical role in reducing downtime and inventory by selecting longer-lasting components to extend outage intervals. Component repair rather than replacement produce immediate costs savings and negates expensive downtime waiting for part delivery. Furthermore, the refurbished part will have its life extended if a wear-resistant coating is applied. Castolin Eutectic is a leading global player in fighting wear and providing specialist joining solutions in harsh operating conditions. Analysing wear mechanisms and finding the right solution to protect your machinery and equipment are the core tasks of our 400 field application specialists.

Schwenk Mergelstetten 005

5 times or bigger life-prolonging factor

Pipes and elbows replaced with our CastoTubes®
Schwenk Mergelstetten 005

Abrasion / erosion resistant pipes and elbows are one of the most common requests by heavy industries where pneumatic conveyance of fine sized raw materials such as clinker, metal oxides, coal, wooden chips, plastic pellets or minerals is widely adopted. As today’s buzz word is “productivity”, conveyance speeds have been pushed to the limit, thus increasing the erosive action of the particles. The wear rate on the inner surface depends not only on the quantity of particles, their hardness, size, shape and speed but also on the geometry of the ducts.

Pipes and elbows replaced with our CastoTubes®, easy-to-weld mild steel tubes internally wearfaced with TeroMatec 4666 alloy, offer exceptional wear resistance and increase the availability of your assets. CastoTubes® offer significant advantages:

  • Allow a longer service life than a regular part
  • Increase the time between two maintenance periods. Longer production periods are available
  • Reduce the shutdown and startup frequency, these periods cost you money
  • Decrease the maintenance time by a quick and easy replacement solution
  • Decrease the maintenance difficulty by being a light solution compared to heavy tubes
  • Decrease the maintenance preparation, especially in difficult to reach positions, where scaffoldings must be assembled and disassembled for each repair
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