Eutectic® 19300

Fe-Cr-Ni-Mo-Si, 300 series austenitic stainless steel alloy offering excelent resistance to a wide range of corrosive media.

Low carbon, 19300 is a water atomized austenitic alloy powder designed for use with the TeroDyn® System 2000. It is a Two-Step “Cold Process” powder which must be used in conjunction with a bond coat powder such as 50000 or 21031. Controlled composition is based on 316 stainless steel. Precise control of particle size and chemistry ensure that coatings will offer excellent resistance to atmospheric corrosion, a low coefficient of friction and good machinability. Finish by machining.

Valve trim, Pistons, Pump shafts, Machine element repair
Technical data: 
Typical hardness85 HRB
Service temperature (max.)1000ºF (540ºC)