Our Brazing Fluxes Products

The following samples from Eutectic's exclusive range of welding, brazing and coating products illustrate a selection of maintenance, repair, joining and fabrication solutions. If your required product is not listed below, please contact us.  

EutecTor Flux 16 / 16D
Specially formulated paste flux for improved wetability on low, medium and carbon steels. Also available in Powder (16D)
 XuperBraze 100
Paste flux for BAg and BCuP brazing alloys.
 XuperBraze 100H / 100HD
Flux for BAg and BCuP alloys. Available in Paste (100H) or Powder (100HD).
A highly active flux for use with the BAg alloy group when brazing 300 series stainless steel, copper, carbon steel, and nickel alloys.
EutecTor Flux 1804
Supplement flux for use with the BCuP group of alloys
EutecTor Flux 190
Highly reactive flux for torch brazing of aluminum and aluminum alloys