CDP® 4623i

CDP® 4623i is the ideal wearplate for chutes, buckets, crushers and any other application that suffers impact and mild abrasion

CDP® 4623i is a composite material made of an easy-to-weld steel plate coated by means of open arc welding with a layer of impact and abrasion resistant alloy.

Any application involving impact or impact plus abrasion. CDP® 4623i is at the top of the range of welded CDP® when impact and abrasion are present at the same time.
Technical data: 
Dimensions 1.500 x 3.000mm (1.220 x 2.740mm coated, 3,34 m2)
Base material mild steel
Type of wearfacing chromium carbide, titanium carbide
Hardness of the weld cladded surface 54 HRC
Max operating temperature 300°C