Thermotec 18995

Ni-Al alloy, used as a bond coat for two-step powders

Nickel-aluminum bond coat alloy meeting aircraft specifications - GE B50TF56, Class B and PWA 1380. ThermoTec 18995 is a pre-alloyed nickel aluminum powder suitable for use with conventional plasma non-transferred arc and high energy combustion spray systems. The powder undergoes an exothermic reaction during spraying and, as a result, produces coatings that are self-bonding to conventional iron and nickel base alloys.ThermoTec 18995 is typically used as a bond coating for metals, ceramics and abradable top coatings. The powder can also be used as a single coating for build-up and general restoration applications.

Cylinder Liners, Expansion Joints, Compressor Air Seals, Pump Components, Flap Tracks
Technical data: 
Typical hardness:65 HRB