ProXon® 19132

Ni-Mo-Fe-Ti-Si-W alloy, self-bonding, nickel base alloy powder for use with the Rototec 1A torch.

ProXon 19132 is a pre-alloyed, self-bonding powder which produces homogenous coatings with conventional combustion or plasma thermal spray equipment. The unique exothermic nature of the powder minimizes dependence on operator technique to obtain excellent quality coatings. A separate bond coat material is not required. 19132 powder is a unique nickel-molybdenum-iron alloy particularly well suited for applications involving acid corrosion. Additions of titanium help to produce a strong exothermic reaction and to ensure excellent resistance to abrasion and galling. Coatings can be deposited more economically than other conventional self-bonding materials, with all spray systems, due to higher spray rates, higher deposit efficiencies and greater coverage per pound. Additionally, because of the unique manufacturing process used to produce ProXon 19132, nozzle build-up and loading, frequently a problem with composite self-bonding powders, is eliminated. Coatings provide a unique combination of resistance to corrosion and abrasion. Finish by machining.

Impellers, Pump shafts, Wear rings
Technical data: 
Typical hardness30 HRC
Service temperature (max.)1200ºF (650ºC)