EuTronic® Arc 535 AS

Alloy Fe-Al Composite alloy for anti-skid applications

May be used as an anti-skid coating with mild abrasion resistance. 535AS is an iron-aluminum, cored wire manufactured exclusively for the twin wire arc spray process. The coatings produced are suitable for two broad applications. First, 535 AS can be used as a dense, bond coating for subsequent top coatings, including galvanizing with zinc wire. Second, 535 AS can be used as a rough, anti-skid coating for a wide range of applications. The specific coating properties desired can be achieved by adjusting spray parameters and primarily by adjusting the atomizing air pressure.

Ship deck, Metal walkway, Road construction plates, Truck ramps, Traction rolls
Technical data: 
Coating Bond Strength8000 lbs/in sqr
Typical HardnessHRC 35