Eutectic® 19910

Ni-Cr-Si-Fe-B alloy, a hard, grindable final coat formulated to reduce bearing seat wear due to severe friction.

Eutectic19910 is a uniquely formulated Nickel Chromium composite powder designed for use through the TeroDyn2000,3000 or the CDS 8000 combustion systems.It is essentially a NiCrBSi powder with aluminum to enhance bonding. The coatings produced are moderately hard, resistant to a broad range of corrosive environments and have excellent grind finish capability. Use 19910 coatings for shaft repair applications where resistance to abrasion is required. Coatings of 19910 should be applied over a bond coating of 50000. Finish by grinding.

Valve trim, Pistons, Pump shafts, Machine element repair
Technical data: 
Typical hardness32 HRC
Service temperature (max.)800ºF (430ºC)