Eutectic® 19666

Fe-C-Ni-Mo alloy, low carbon steel powder used as a cushion layer or for heavy build-ups.

Particularly when cost is a prime concern. Eutectic 19666 is a nickel-molybdenum low alloy steel powder suitable for use with the TeroDyn 2000, TeroDyn 3000 and conventional non-transferred arc plasma systems. Eutectic 19666 is a moderately hard powder that is economical to apply as a thick deposit on both outside diameter and inside diameter applications. As a result, coatings of 19666 are well suited for a broad range of reclamation applications. Eutectic 19666 is suitable for use as a single coating or as a build-up material. In all cases, a suitable bond coating such as UltraBond 50000 or ProXon 21021 or ProXon 21031 should be applied. Coatings of 19666 can be readily machined with conventional carbide tooling. Finish by machining with carbide tool bits.

Machine element repair of steel parts, Pump Impellers, Starter Motor Shafts, Guides, Journals
Technical data: 
Typical hardness92 HRB
Service temperature (max.)800ºF (430ºC)