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XuperCoat™ for Best-in-Class Mould Wear Resistance and Product Quality in Slab, Bloom and Billet Casting

Mould coatings are a crucial part in continuously improving product quality and reducing operating cost in the continuous steel casting process. Monitor Coatings - a UK based Castolin Eutectic company first developed a unique, ceramic composite coating technology, XuperCoat™, which has produced best-in-class results in terms of mould life time, cast product quality and caster operating costs. 30 years of experience are a proven record for this coating type and continuous developments of the technology now allow to the application of such coatings on all types of moulds including bloom and billet tubes.

Furnace Mineral Products (FMP), Inc. joins Castolin Eutectic Group

The Castolin Eutectic Group, a division of MEC Holding GmbH with headquarters in Bad Soden, Germany, announces the acquisition of Furnace Mineral Products (FMP), Inc, on February 1, 2017.  A privately owned corporation based in Toronto, Canada, FMP specializes in the research, development, manufacture and field application of innovative, inorganic-hybrid coatings.

Featured in The Fabricator magazine: Thermal spray and weld overlay applications are poised for growth

Most metals can be melted and “atomized” by liquid (normally water) or gas to form metal powders. Atomization is the most common method for producing metal and pre-alloyed powders, or powders consisting of two or more elements alloyed in the powder manufacturing process. Powder materials include iron and steel, stainless and nickel, tool steel, aluminum and copper, and their many alloys. Iron and steel account for 80 percent by weight of all metal powders produced annually.

Atomization accounts for nearly 70 percent by weight of all metal powders produced in North America. It is the main process for powder production because of its high production rates and economies of scale. Atomization also is the only way to produce pre-alloyed powders.

New Line of Xuper High Deposition (XHD) Powdered Alloys

With the installation of the new high-pressure gas atomizer, Eutectic Canada broadens its product offer and launches an innovative line of highly specialized powders: the XHD powders.

The XHD powder lineup are nickel-based, self-fluxing powders specifically developed for use with PTA, Laser and Thermal Spray equipment. These powders are manufactured using the latest gas atomization process, producing perfectly spherical particles that result in high density, porosity-free deposits. The ultra-high pressure capability of the gas atomizer allows the production of powders in the finest particle sizing.

The unique alloy properties feature reduced heat input with higher deposition rates. These features provide outstanding benefits:

Eutectic Canada: new state-of-the-art gas atomizer in full production

Eutectic Canada launches today its next-generation Gas Atomizer program that enables the company to produce the highest quality Thermal Spray & PTA coating powders in its ISO-9001 certified manufacturing facility in Granby, Quebec.

The new gas atomizer reflects our ongoing commitment to bring the latest technology to our customers. We trust this investment will strengthen our leadership in both NAFTA and international markets,” says Gordon Roseborough, President and CEO of Eutectic Canada.

Eutectic Canada introduces new packaging for DIY projects

Are you a handyman looking to weld your next project on your own? Not sure what alloy to use to repair your machinery, tools or your truck floor body or frame? If so, the solution comes in a SmalPAK®: a selection of Eutectic’s best-selling alloys, now available in a small packaging.

BTC solution extends the lifetime of an Electric Arc Furnace (EAF)

In September 2014, Eutectic Canada successfully completed an on-site job at a steel manufacturing plant located in Quebec. Before commissioning, the customer wanted to protect two new OEM parts in order to extend their service life and reduce plant downtime costs. Our mobile Eutectic Services team spent five days at the customer’s site to coat two elbows of an Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) used in the steel making process. The interior surface of the elbows was arc sprayed with BTC 252, a proprietary Castolin Eutectic solution that combines arc wire spray and a densification process that is only available through our Eutectic Services workshops.

Case study: Wearplate Application in the Precast Industry

A leading manufacturer of concrete masonry and landscaping products trusted Eutectic Canada to produce a new set of wear-resistant concrete mixing paddles to replace their worn OEM parts. The original parts were made of cast iron and wore prematurely due to exposure to intense abrasion during the process of concrete mixing and production. The customer was buying a new set of mixing paddles every 10-12 months before they met with our experts in wear solutions.

CDP® wearplate: Wear Protection Solution for Flaker Aspiration Cyclone

A leading producer of canola-based products trusted the Eutectic Services division of Eutectic Canada to manufacture two new flaker aspiration cyclones made out of CDP® wearplate. The OEM parts made out of standard steel, were unable to resist the high intensity production environment and showed early signs of erosion and abrasion after only one year of service. Our Eutectic Services solution was to manufacture two ready-to-install flaker aspiration cyclones to replace the OEM parts.

The new cyclones were made using CDP® wearplate 4666, a complex chrome carbide wearplate. This welded plate will provide exceptional wear properties and offer optimum resistance to abrasion and erosion.

Eutectic Canada unveils NEXT GENERATION GAP 3501 and OTW Hardbanding Products at Global Petroleum Show

The Global Petroleum Show is Canada’s premier exhibition for Oil and Gas exploration and production, attracting attendees from over 50 countries who gather together to share the latest in key industry developments.

The OilTec Exhibit displays Eutectic’s strong position in wear facing solutions, including advanced systems and processes for the most challenging applications. Attendees can discuss wear solutions with OilTec experts as well as be introduced to our new OTW Line, the best performing range of hardbanding alloys in the industry today: