Case study: Wearplate Application in the Precast Industry

A leading manufacturer of concrete masonry and landscaping products trusted Eutectic Canada to produce a new set of wear-resistant concrete mixing paddles to replace their worn OEM parts. The original parts were made of cast iron and wore prematurely due to exposure to intense abrasion during the process of concrete mixing and production. The customer was buying a new set of mixing paddles every 10-12 months before they met with our experts in wear solutions.

To get the best possible lifetime, the Eutectic Services team worked on a new design that encompassed extending the life time not only of the paddles but that of the arms as well. With this concept in mind, Eutectic manufactured new paddles from CDP® 4666 wearplate, a high load wear plate for extreme abrasion and erosion resistance. Additionally, the edges and the back of each paddle were hardfaced with the premium TeroMatec OA4666 alloy that significantly outperforms standard chromium carbide. When it came to the arms, our technicians added two pieces of wearplate to each arm, which will be hardfaced on the edges. These added wearplates will prevent the arms from wearing before the paddles.

This innovative design aims at increasing five-fold the working time of the concrete paddles, with the subsequent economies in maintenance and equipment downtime periods.

Eutectic is the leader in wear and fusion technologies. We provide the widest range of wearplates on the market under the brand name CastoDur Diamond Plates® (CDP®). Innovations have included the patented powder fused plate, the first XuperWave weld bead concept, PTA overlay plates with 60% tungsten carbide, the first impact resistant plates and the first overlay deposit with an oriented crystal structure.

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