Eutectic Canada introduces new packaging for DIY projects

Are you a handyman looking to weld your next project on your own? Not sure what alloy to use to repair your machinery, tools or your truck floor body or frame? If so, the solution comes in a SmalPAK®: a selection of Eutectic’s best-selling alloys, now available in a small packaging.

SmalPAK® is the new, affordable product line that includes our top 10 alloys. SmalPAK® will let you successfully undertake most maintenance & repair projects with the guaranteed quality that only Eutectic can offer. Cast iron, aluminum, alloy steel, steel, gouging, brazing, hardfacing, stainless and silver welding rods are conveniently packed in clear tubes that carry from 3 to 25 electrodes each, depending on diameter and alloy type. SmalPAK® is available through our extensive network of distributors across Canada. 

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If you need a solution for a larger job, choose the corresponding Eutectic product from our industrial product line (5kg and over).