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February 5, 2016

XuperCoat: the highest protection technology for moulds in Steel industry


In the production and processing of steel, the CastCoat copper mould surfaces are subject to extreme operating conditions which have a direct influence on the quality of the product manufactured. Using the unique XuperCOAT coating, the surface is protected from wear and corrosion at high temperatures.

The improved wear resistance results in longer campaign in exchanging moulds, which ensures higher availability and quality throughput. Moreover, the protection ensured by the XuperCOAT provides longer life of the copper plates, thus saving costs and reducing maintenance online and offline.

With the recent development of our XuperCOAT process, these successful composite coatings can be applied to CastCoat moulds in our specialized coatings application workshops. Three years of development have been necessary to achieve this unique application technology.

Main characteristics: 

  • Exceptional service life increase
  • High long term dimensional and surface finish stability
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Highest hardness and wear performance
  • XuperCoat process does not affect the base material properties
  • Small diameter internal coating is now possible with the proven XuperCOAT process
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