Whertec Europe Laserclad

Whertec LaserClad™ provides Cladding Perfection in an imperfect World

LaserClad™ The Future of Laser Cladding is Here

Joining metal surfaces together in the extreme conditions of today’s industrial process equipment – boilers, tubes and walls – is a tremendous challenge. Pressure, heat, corrosion and erosive particles can create forces capable of breaking those metal bonds and causing dangerous and expensive boiler failures.

European Whertec laser cladding offers a superior bond that effectively eliminates the problems of traditional weld overlays. It uses a laser as its energy source, along with metal powder alloys, to form a true metallurgical bond between unlimited types of metals. Customised powder combinations, including both metals and ceramics, means that the proper materials can be applied to combat erosion and corrosion.

The Whertec LaserClad™ laser cladding system was developed to eliminate residual stress and to provide superior metallurgical bonding. Unlike conventional weld overlay, LaserClad™offers a virtually limitless range of material selections. Low heat input and wider thickness ranges, from 0.5 mm to any specified thickness, provide great flexibility and high performance. This makes Whertec LaserClad™ the ideal solution for the intricate and precise demands of boiler tubes in Europe. Unlike weld overlay processes, we can achieve dilution rates of as little as 1 to 3 percent. It virtually eliminates distortion and shrinkage in the base material, and has extremely high deposit efficiency rates.