Wherte safety

“Thought Comes Before Action”

Whertec’s Environmental Safety and Health Manual includes over 75 programs.

Whertec has been and will continue to be committed to working safe. It is the intention of Whertec to maintain a safe, healthy and efficient working environment. It is Whertec’s goal to improve morale, recognize achievements and drive positive safety behavior within each employee.

Whertec has also created an employee safety site.

This site is a great resource for employees on customer sites. Employees can download MSDS’s, safety programs, forms, toolbox meeting sheets, etc. From this site, employees can view safety committee notes, current safety dashboard and safety buck balances, which have been issued through Whertec’s safety incentive program. In addition, the site has all the safety program courses, including videos, PowerPoints, tests and related training materials.

Whertec is currently subscribed to and complies with the following online database resource verification companies:

  • ISNetworld
  • First Verify
  • PICS
  • Browz

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