Tube Armor

Whertec Tube Armor® Ceramic Coating for Industrial Process Equipment

Slag is the enemy of boiler performance. According to the International Energy Agency, slagging incidents cost the global utility industry several billion dollars a year in reduced power generation and equipment maintenance.

Whertec Tube Armor® Ceramic Coating prevents the devastating effects of slag and other deposits from forming. Its ceramic coating creates an inert, corrosion-resistant barrier between the slag and the tube surface, heat-rated to 1800°F. It is a non-porous, non-reactive shield that resists ash, oxidation, erosion, iron sulfide corrosion, sulfur permeation and hazardous chemical byproducts.

Tube Armor® Ceramic Coating has a high emissivity thermal transfer and will not insulate boiler tubes. Aside from the high emissivity characteristics of the Tube Armor®, additional efficiency gain can be established due to ash and scale will not form or adhere to the tube.

Tube Armor® Ceramic Coating can be applied quickly. The process begins by grit blasting down to white metal and preparing the boiler tube surface. Next, Tube Armor® is applied one coat at a time until the recommended or desired thickness has been met. The convenient spray-on delivery system allows us to cover thousands of square feet in a single shift, making it an ideal task to perform during scheduled maintenance outages. In addition to our field services, you can ship panels to our state-of-the-art shop facility in order to be treated with Tube Armor® Ceramic Coatings before the tubes are installed in your boiler.

Tube Armor® Ceramic Coating provides exceptional thermal management for lower furnace exit gas temperatures (FEGT), an ideal benefit for most boilers, but especially those that may be operating at higher-than-designed conditions. If your industrial boiler environment requires exceptional performance and protection against slag and other deposit formation, choose Whertec Tube Armor® Ceramic Coating. It’s unparalleled in:

  • Quick application
  • Reliability and performance increases
  • Effectively extending equipment life
  • Reducing downtime – prevent forced outages due to slag and fouling
  • Significantly reduces super heat and water wall slagging
  • Long-life formulations available
  • Case Study – Portland General Electric

When PGE needed a reliable, cost efficient solution against severe fouling build-up, they turned to Whertec Tube Armor®.

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