Product Brochures

Whertec LaserClad™ Overlay

Whertec LaserClad Overlay produces outstanding results. Creating a metallurgical bond between virtually any two metals, LaserClad Overlay was designed to eliminate residual stress and provide superior weld overlay capability.

Whertec Tube Armor® Ceramic Coating

Whertec Tube Armor® is one of the industry’s leading liquid ceramic coating products. It is a non-porous, non-reactive shield that resists ash, oxidation, erosion, iron sulfide corrosion, sulfur permeation, and hazardous chemical byproducts.

Whertec ChromeClad™

Boiler corrosion and erosion is unavoidable, but it can be significantly reduced thanks to Whertec ChromeClad™. Our unique process outperforms other coatings to provide superior erosion and corrosion protection by effectively stopping the permeation of corrosive elements over longer maintenance intervals.

Whertec CarbideClad™

CarbideClad™ stops erosion in its tracks. Even in temperatures as high as 1,550°F (845°C) CarbideClad provides up to 10 times more erosion resistance than carbon steel in furnace zone conditions and up to 50 times more erosion resistance than carbon steel in superheater conditions.