Product Brochures

Whertec LaserClad™ Overlay

Whertec LaserClad Overlay produces outstanding results. Creating a metallurgical bond between virtually any two metals, LaserClad Overlay was designed to eliminate residual stress and provide superior weld overlay capability.

Whertec Tube Armor® Ceramic Coating

Whertec Tube Armor® is one of the industry’s leading liquid ceramic coating products. It is a non-porous, non-reactive shield that resists ash, oxidation, erosion, iron sulfide corrosion, sulfur permeation, and hazardous chemical byproducts.

Whertec ChromeClad™

Boiler corrosion and erosion is unavoidable, but it can be significantly reduced thanks to Whertec ChromeClad™. Our unique process outperforms other coatings to provide superior erosion and corrosion protection by effectively stopping the permeation of corrosive elements over longer maintenance intervals.

Whertec CarbideClad™

CarbideClad™ stops erosion in its tracks. Even in temperatures as high as 1,550°F (845°C) CarbideClad provides up to 10 times more erosion resistance than carbon steel in furnace zone conditions and up to 50 times more erosion resistance than carbon steel in superheater conditions.

One Company. Complete Solutions.

The Whertec difference begins with commitment. Your success is our success. We measure our performance by our ability to protect and enhance yours. To ensure both, we only employ well–experienced, qualified, and certified experts who work closely with dedicated management teams. Whertec has nearly 100 professionals on staff, and we’re constantly adding new talent in order to meet customer demand.

Whertec Mechanical Services

Whertec Mechanical specializes in corrosion and erosion repair and maintenance services. Our expertly trained specialists handle all aspects of industrial boiler maintenance and repair, ensuring efficient production and maximum service up-time.

Whertec Boiler Inspection Services

Whertec Boiler Inspection Services put the power of information in your hands. Avoid unexpected repair issues by regularly-scheduled inspections from our team of trained experts. You can sleep peacefully knowing you have Whertec’s extensive experience, rigorous training and clear reporting on your side.