Whertec understands that unplanned downtime means lost profit, job insecurity, and in the worst circumstances, worker safety at risk. That’s why we deliver solutions for industrial process equipment that you can rely on – weld overlays, thermal sprays and ceramic coatings, developed specifically for your industrial process equipment.

Whether your mission-critical system is in power generation, pulp & paper, petrochemical, or steelmaking, Whertec provides industry-leading protective coatings, including; LaserClad™ Laser Overlay, ChromeClad™, CarbideClad™ and TubeArmor® Ceramic Coating. Each is custom-formulated for your unique industrial process. No matter what challenge you face – erosion, corrosion, abrasion, or a combination of issues – Whertec’s expert metallurgists and ASME-certified technicians will engineer a solution that will be both reliable and cost-effective.