Field services

When your reputation is on the line, you want an on-site welding specialist with credentials.

  • Code weld repair specialist on ASME Section VIII pressure vessels
  • Code weld repair specialist on ASME Section I boilers
  • Certified NBIC “R” Stamp to perform work nationwide
  • ASME “S”, “U”, and “PP” stamps
  • Automated weld overlay capabilities for vertical, horizontal and overhead in-site on-site applications
  • Automated blast and coating capabilities for vessels and tanks
  • Turnkey maintenance services
  • Project management, repair and budget forecasts and reports, inspections and scaffolding
  • ASME qualified and certified welders with trained and experienced supervision

Choose Whertec Mechanical and its repaired right and maintained to last.

  • Whertec CarbideClad
  • Boiler Inspection Services
  • Reduced downtime, improved efficiency & reliability that’s second to none.
  • Turnkey maintenance service for batch digesters
  • Scaffolding
  • Inspection service, vessel layout, MLO and UT reports
  • Code weld repairs by certified personnel
  • Automated weld overlay
  • Automated coating applications
  • Boiler tube and panel replacement
  • Pad welding and surface preparation
  • Back pass pressure work (Superheats and Economizer)
  • Balance of plant work (piping, valves, shields, duct work)
  • Budget forecasts
  • Expert assistance with CFB-type boilers
  • Boiler inspection services