Whertec ChromeClad™ for Industrial Process Equipment

Stops the Clock on Erosion and Corrosion

Boiler corrosion and erosion is unavoidable, but it can be significantly reduced thanks to Whertec ChromeClad™. Our unique process outperforms other coatings to provide superior erosion and corrosion protection by effectively stopping the permeation of corrosive elements over longer maintenance intervals.

What makes the ChromeClad process so innovative is our proprietary application methods and procedures that prevent tube wastage beyond the limits of conventional coatings in use today.

A Smart Return on Investment

  • Lasts up to four times longer than competitor coatings. (as documented by Boiler Inspection Services, Inc.)
  • Whertec coatings warranties reduce future maintenance costs.
  • Limits the need for future replacement of boiler tubes.

A No-Compromise Solution for Extreme Environments

Whertec believes there’s no such thing as “acceptable” levels of tube wastage. Now, thanks to ChromeClad’s advanced composite system, your operation can experience exceptional protection in even the most challenging conditions.

  • Superior bond strength
  • Will not flake, spall or crack
  • Abrasion-resistant surface is impervious to airborne particulates, impermeable to corrosion, and resistant to thermal shock
  • Non-catalytic – Prevents salt cake and slag build-up
  • Quick application – Faster than other thermal spray systems

Innovative Protection from a Superior System.

The concept is simple. We prepare your thermal transfer surfaces, apply a bond coating and a separate High Velocity High Density (HVHD) thermal spray layer which is then sealed by our exclusive Tube Armor® ceramic coating. This one-of-a-kind system of protection not only excels in the face of extreme conditions, it also can be customized to fit your exact operational requirements.

It’s not just the composition of ChromeCladTM that makes it a superior choice for preventing tube wastage. Whertec’s thorough and detailed application procedure ensures optimum results from every step of the protection process. This includes:

  • Documentation of customer’s operational goals
  • Inspections and repairs
  • Customization of ChromeCladTM process to meet or exceed customer requirements
  • Establishment and adherence to our step-by-step quality-control procedure
  • Application of the complete ChromeCladTM System
  • Final inspections and final reports to customer
  • Delivery of warranties
  • Consistent composition as applied within 6 to 9 inches of the applicator.
  • For severe erosion conditions ChromeClad-e™ provides additional benefits.

We’ve been in the industry since 1996, and our technical experience has helped us engineer new ways to extend the life of heat transfer surfaces such tubes, waterwalls, and superheater sections. Since 2006, our customers have seen for themselves how the ChromeClad process eliminates chemical penetration and significantly reduces tube wastage – and you can too. Ask us about a demonstration. We’ll be pleased to visit your operation to show how you can realize improved boiler efficiency and reliability. Are you ready to stop corrosion, erosion, and tube wastage in your boilers?

Call Whertec today and discover how ChromeClad stops the clock on permeation of corrosive elements, and providing alloys to withstand the erosive properties of fuels.