Whertec CarbideClad™ for Industrial Process Equipment

CarbideClad™ Stops Erosion in Its Tracks

The higher the temperature, the greater the problems of erosion and corrosion can become. If you’re managing bubbling bed or fluidized-bed boilers, pulverized coal boilers, or off-gas hoods in steelmaking plants, you’re keenly aware of the erosion and corrosion caused by their extreme heat and particulate materials.

You need vessel and hood walls that can take a beating; with a surface hard enough to withstand erosion and the tensile strength to withstand sustained, high pressure and abrasive conditions. In short, you need Whertec CarbideClad.

CarbideClad is engineered specifically for harsh boiler environments.

Even in temperatures as high as 1,550°F (845°C) CarbideClad provides up to 10 times more* erosion resistance than carbon steel in furnace zone conditions and up to 50 times more erosion resistance than carbon steel in superheater conditions.