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July 5, 2014

Whertec becomes “Stronger with Castolin Eutectic"


Whertec is privileged to serve some of the world’s top corporations and our customers include the world’s largest petroleum products producers, North America’s vital energy utilities, steel manufacturing companies and top paper and commodities producers. Our recent success attracted additional attention from a valued business partner and supplier. Castolin ​Eutectic believes as we do, that Whertec is uniquely competitive on a global level.

We are pleased to announce that Whertec has become part of a new global industrial coatings and laser cladding supply chain now owned by Castolin Eutectic. Whertec now has the network, the investment, and the support to achieve new breakthroughs for customers worldwide. And for the first time, Castolin Eutectic customers in Europe, Asia, Africa and South and Central America will have access to Whertec services and know-how. The acquisition was completed in June 2014 and owing to the joint forces, Castolin Eutectic now has laser cladding facilities in four countries (Norway, Austria, Korea and USA), with Dubai Services workshop being next on the list in 2015. As Whertec works to grow “Stronger with Castolin Eutectic,” we are more committed than ever to keep “The Reliability Experts™” ready to serve your business. We welcome your comments and questions at [email protected].

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