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December 7, 2020

Steel Sector: Design of High Entropy Superalloys Using a Hybrid Experimental-Based Machine Learning Approach


High Entropy Alloys are a rapidly expanding opportunity with cross-cutting applicability, serving as both a platform for economic growth and an essential technology to realize key national priorities from health to energy efficiency and pressing societal challenges. The long-term performance of traditional coating materials is seen, by high value manufacturing sectors, as a barrier to the introduction of new products dependent on surface engineering.

Responding to this market need Castolin Eutectic's advanced specialized workshop in Newcastle, UK, will be leading (Dr Spyros Kamnis-R&D) a new 24 month project funded by Innovate UK - Smart Grants. The project aims to shift the paradigm from "apply the material you have" to "engineer the material you need". Wide-spread utilization of HEAs, and a return on these investments, critically rely on advancing HEAs from lab-scale prototypes and simulations to products produced at scale by UK manufacturers.

To achieve rapid material development, within the consortium will devise a hybrid R&D approach combining high throughput experimentation and machine learning that would allow to sift through million possibilities in search of promising mixtures tailored to the operating environment characteristics. The new approach aims to discover, manufacture, and deploy advanced materials twice as fast, at a fraction of the cost. The new technology will be first demonstrated to the steel sector that is under ever increasing pressure.


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