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Our objective is to reduce your maintenance costs
We have the know-how to do the job right the first time, on time
Our objective is to reduce your maintenance costs
We have the know-how to do the job right the first time, on time
Our objective is to reduce your maintenance costs
We have the know-how to do the job right the first time, on time

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In recent years, maintenance departments have been under increasing pressure to not only reduce operating costs but also to increase operational output and efficiency. The maintenance department can therefore play a critical role in reducing downtime and inventory by selecting longer-lasting components to extend outage intervals. Component repair rather than replacement produce immediate costs savings and negates expensive downtime waiting for part delivery. Furthermore, the refurbished part will have its life extended if a wear-resistant coating is applied. Castolin Eutectic is a leading global player in fighting wear and providing specialist joining solutions in harsh operating conditions. Analysing wear mechanisms and finding the right solution to protect your machinery and equipment are the core tasks of our 400 field application specialists.

5 times or bigger life-prolonging factor

Pipes and elbows replaced with our CastoTubes®

Abrasion / erosion resistant pipes and elbows are one of the most common requests by heavy industries where pneumatic conveyance of fine sized raw materials such as clinker, metal oxides, coal, wooden chips, plastic pellets or minerals is widely adopted. As today’s buzz word is “productivity”, conveyance speeds have been pushed to the limit, thus increasing the erosive action of the particles. The wear rate on the inner surface depends not only on the quantity of particles, their hardness, size, shape and speed but also on the geometry of the ducts.

Pipes and elbows replaced with our CastoTubes®, easy-to-weld mild steel tubes internally wearfaced with TeroMatec 4666 alloy, offer exceptional wear resistance and increase the availability of your assets. CastoTubes® offer significant advantages:

  • Allow a longer service life than a regular part
  • Increase the time between two maintenance periods. Longer production periods are available
  • Reduce the shutdown and startup frequency, these periods cost you money
  • Decrease the maintenance time by a quick and easy replacement solution
  • Decrease the maintenance difficulty by being a light solution compared to heavy tubes
  • Decrease the maintenance preparation, especially in difficult to reach positions, where scaffoldings must be assembled and disassembled for each repair
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Castolin Eutectic helps you repair cracks, fractures and spalling in kiln tires, rail tracks, roller press, hammers or any damaged critical industry parts. Both as emergency and standard, planned repairs. We can either do the work on-site or in our 20 well-equipped Castolin Services workshops. For more than a century at the forefront of maintenance and repair, we are at your service with the largest and most experienced team of technical field consultants.

We fix cracks, breakage and leakages in your vital industry parts


Fatigue wear to the surface of a body is resulting from cyclical high load, pressure or shocks which weaken the metallurgical structure. The changing stresses resulting in either elastic or plastic deformation will provoke the formation of cracks under the surface. The fatigue wear mechanisms are limited to the surface, but any cracks generated can travel throughout the whole part if a certain stress is maintained and make it fail.

Fighting spalling, compression and deformation


Wear by impact is the result of successive high shock loads on the surface. If the surface is brittle it may readily fracture, but if it is tough it will yield by elastic or plastic deformation so that fracture will be avoided or at least postponed. The impacting material may be metallic or non-metallic, for example the mating members of a die in a press or the teeth of an excavator bucket striking rocks. Some of the effects of impact are: fatigue cracking, spalling, compression and deformation.

Repairs on-site and in our workshops


Frictional wear results from the sliding or rolling contact of one metal surface against another. To the naked eye, these surfaces may appear smooth and even highly polished but under a microscope, they show like "hills and valleys". Continual sliding contact at the interface causes microscopic welding and shearing of the "hills" of one or both surfaces. In addition, the harder crests will produce fresh valleys in the softer surfaces and the process will continue until the bearing surfaces wear down to the point where the clearance between them creates vibrations. If allowed to continue, this can lead to subsurface fatigue cracking, breakage or other serious failures.

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Part of our offer to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) is to supply finished or semi-finished prepared parts, that can easily be integrated into a complete new machine offered by the OEM and also be available as spare parts or upgrade parts. The vast majority of our OEM ready-to-use parts are critical components that are subjected to agressive wear, where the OEM needs an optimal wear solution.

Optimizing wear performance and cost for OEMs

Design and construction of new cyclones

Castolin Eutectic Group is frequently involved in designing and construction of new static cyclones as a partner with OEMs. Practical experience has showed that wearplates should be used as structural material on condition that their mechanical properties are taken into account. If the cyclone shell is divided into a convenient number of sections according to the wear rate, usually 4 to 6, replacement of a single part built with the appropriate CDP® plate is the faster and more economical solution. Three sections need maximum protection and CDP® 4666 XuperWave or CDP® 112 are strongly recommended to avoid linear wear. The different degrees of protection can be obtained by playing with plate thickness or coating grade. All these parts should be flanged for easy assembly and replacement. The low CDP® wear rate allows an easy prediction of the residual service life during inspections and, most of the time, no stock of spare parts is needed apart from a whole wearplate for emergency repairs.

CDP® wearplates as structural element or as a lining

Ready-to-use fans and housings

In our Castolin Services workshops we have all the necessary tools and know-how to design and manufacture fans and specialist housings with integrated wear protection for a vast range of industries. Our unique advantage is that we manufacture the CDP® wearplate used either as the structural element of the fan and housing, or as a lining attached to them. These wear protected sheet metal plates are then cut with either CNC plasma, oxyfuel or waterjet in our our facilities to complex shapes, before being rolled and welded into the complex designs specified by our customers. Castolin Eutectic has the widest range of CDP® wearplates in the industry and our CDP® expert engineers work closely with OEMs to provide complete housings in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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Preventive maintenance is used to protect your parts from abrasion, erosion, corrosion, cavitation and adhesive wear. The goal is to keep your assets in optimal condition and reduce unscheduled repairs, ultimely preventing breakdown. Wearfaced parts offer significantly enhanced service lifetimes over new unprotected parts. Castolin Eutectic performs preventive maintenance on boiler tubes, screws, rolls and much more.


Defend against slag, ash and volatile deposits


Despite their industrial application and heavy-duty appearance, tubes require stringent care and maintenance. This is a result of slag – the fine particulates that build up on tubes to cause corrosion, erosion, leaks and other failures. Too much slag literally chokes a boiler by restricting airflow. Once this happens, the specified air-to-fuel ratio no longer applies, causing fuels to burn improperly. If the fuel in question has high mineral content, you also have the added safety challenges caused by clinker formation. Tube Armor helps prevent slag from depositing on tubes and boilers with a proprietary spray-on ceramic coating. It is a non-porous, non-reactive shield that resists ash, oxidation, erosion, iron sulfide corrosion, sulfur permeation and hazardous chemical byproducts. Tube Armor is applied on the prepared surface one coat at the time until the recommended thickness is achieved. The convenient spray-on delivery system allows us to cover up to 2000 square meters in a single day.

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Our mission is to develop applications and solve customer problems. Since the mid 1930´s, Castolin Eutectic has offered industry a range of specialised training courses, which covers all aspects of the welding processes, e.g. MMA, MIG, TIG, brazing, soldering and thermal spraying.

For welders, engineers or managing directors

Spreading knowledge

Our commitment to excellent customer service means providing first-class training available globally to customers and end-users. Castolin Eutectic has trained thousands of technicians from all over the world and training centres have been established in most countries with training programmes offered in a wide variety of languages. We offer a wide range of courses starting from one-day welding courses to full-week maintenance seminars. From welders to engineers, researchers and managing directors - there´s no limit to the range of technical and professional people trained by Castolin Eutectic in all aspects of industrial cost-savings, wear, repair and preventive maintenance.


Practice, theory or a mixture

Industrial seminars

We provide solutions to all of the major companies operating in industry with global industrial programs for steel, cement, mining, power, oil, waste & recycling, etc. Supporting maintenance technicians in their daily challenges is our routine, so training courses in specific industries are also conducted where similar language groups can learn and exchange cost-saving solutions. Depending on your requirements, courses can comprise 100% practice, 100% theory, or a mixture of both, and are available in a written form for several product families and technologies.

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